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The Book "Parenting in Your Own Voice"

We all face moments of doubt, frustration, and genuine puzzlement when it comes to parenting our children. Wouldn't it be great to feel less anxious and more confident? Pediatric psychologist Sheila Dinaburg-Azoff and learning specialist Joan Reynolds say you can—without relying on how-to manuals and parenting experts.

You already have the most important resource you need: your inner parent.

Learn how to tap into this wise inner parent and you connect to a deep well of insight, understanding, and direction—the key to parenting in your own voice.

Part guidebook, part workbook, Parenting in Your Own Voice will help you:

  • Locate and tune in to your inner parent: that genuine guiding voice inside you that knows what feels true, right, and best for you and your child.
  • Discover surprising new aspects of yourself—what makes you unique, what you value, and what you most desire for yourself and your child.
  • Gain insights about your child from new vantage points, including 9 temperament traits, 8 intelligences, 3 learning styles, and your child's talents and creativity.
  • Create parenting strategies and solutions tailored to fit your child's challenges, personality, and strengths.
  • Design your own parenting plan using three building blocks: My Quality of Life Statement, My Child Insight Statement, and My Parenting Priorities Statement.

About The Book "Parenting in Your Own Voice"

Based on more than four decades of combined experience as parenting coaches,the authors present a step-by-step process to do on your own, with a partner, or in a parenting group that makes learning about you and your child inspiring, surprising, and fun.

“I feel more focused, have a thoughtful action plan and look at myself and my child with more curiosity and understanding. The workshop has even put into focus some things I personally need to work on, aside from parenting." (workshop participant)

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